Android & Apple & Huawei! Oh My!

What are the UK's most popular mobile phone brands? Are Android-based devices finally overtaking iOS in sales? And how do you pronounce Huawei?

These are just a couple of questions that keep us up at night. In the hopes of discovering some of the answers, we went out and conducted a small-scale analysis on the UK’s telecom market trends and user habits. Here are the results.

According to our research, almost 42% of the most popular devices offered for sale in the UK are Samsung devices. Apple follows closely at approximately 40%, with Huawei and Sony sharing third place at around 6.5%. It’s interesting to note that after years of market dominance, especially in the premium segment, Apple is now taking a step back, making way for Android-based devices. And it makes sense. It’s hard to compete with the sheer volume and price flexibility of these devices. While Samsung does produce some very high-quality premium devices, I think the low to above medium price-range phones is where Android shines the most. 

Emerging players such as Xiomi and Huawei have shown that it is possible to compete with the larger companies, and have bitten off a chunk of market share. At the same time, Google, while only offering two devices per generation, has managed to disrupt the market with their impossible-to-ignore pricepoint. 

With that being said, it's worth mentioning the range of available devices is only continuing to grow year to year, and we at ToTheMoon understand it more than anyone. This is why our mobile app is available on the three most prominent digital mobile platforms in the UK—GooglePlay, App Store, and Huawei’s App Gallery. All of them receive the same amount of love from our development team, so no need to worry if you decide to switch devices. 

We’d be happy to hear what device you’re currently using! We’re also always on the lookout to make the app as easily available as possible so if the TTM Mobile app is not on your store of choice, leave a comment and we'll get right on it.  


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