Best Smartphones 2021: the top 10 smartphones in the UK right now

What phone is most popular?

When it comes to choosing a smartphone, we understand how important it is to pick a model that works for you. That’s why we have complied the most popular phones on the market to help you in your search for the perfect device.

Now, before we get into the thick of things, we must first tell you exactly what we mean by popular. Of course, on the face of it, the word seems pretty simple. The most popular phone brand is the one that is used the most. Right? The reality of the situation, however, paints an entirely different story. Typically, the newest phones are the ones to take prime position on the market. With all the hype that surrounds a new release, who can really blame us for soaking up all the excitement. As I’m sure you have seen for yourself, some people will even go as far as to camp outside of Apple stores to be the first to get their hands on the newest iPhone. Though, for us, popularity goes much further than the marketing plights of these massive corporations. Just because a phone is popular in the lead up to its release does not necessarily mean it remains as such once in the hands of the consumer. Once public, a popular phone will be a phone that its owner enjoys using. Whether that be because of its aesthetic, its capabilities, or simply its screen design, there is more to the world of popularity than first meets the eye.

Now, to the burning question on all of your mind’s, what really is the most popular phone brand on the market?

Starting with the android scene, the Samsung Galaxy s10 has been a massive hit with the public. Boasting a lightweight frame and a 16-megapixel screen, it is easy to use and full of surprises. Ownership is most popular between the ages of 20-25, though a large portion of the millennial population have also shown an interest. Though first released in 2019, the s10’s popularity has continued to grow with time, marking an 8% increase in users across just 2 years of active sales.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the second most popular phone brand on today’s list belongs to the Apple family. Compared to this globally recognised powerhouse, British mobile phone brands have little to remark about. The iPhone 12 delivers an all-round digital experience. With a face recognition feature, a waterproof design, and up to 256GB of in-built storage to play with, it has proved to be just as popular as its predecessors. It may come as no surprise, therefore, that over 89% of the population have heard of this new phone. Simply one of the best on the market.

In third place on the list of 2021’s most popular smartphones is the Samsung Galaxy S6. Measuring just under 7mm in thickness, this device boasts a lightweight frame, and with its gorilla glass protective cover, it seems right that this remains one of the most popular phones in the UK market. Even after 6 years. With an 86% rate of recognition, this is an old but gold device. One that runs rings around some of the new phones in today’s ever growing digital playing field.

Mobile phone popularity, as I am sure you are aware, is often dominated by the two-camp conflict between iPhone and Android, and this list does not depart from established trends. Coming in at fourth place is the iPhone XS. First released in 2018, this device offers a stainless-steel frame with up to 512GB of storage. Boasting all the typical selling points of the Apple brand, the XS has a face recognition feature, impeccable camera quality, and a large front screen designed to promote user accessibility. It goes without saying that this is one of the best mobile phones on the market.

In fifth and final place, we have the iPhone 6s. An older competitor, this device was first released in September of 2015, but it still commands great popularity with users of all ages. The phone comes with a 4.70-inch touchscreen display and 2GB of RAM, ensuring efficient processing while maintaining ease of access. It comes as no shock that this device remains one of the strongest in the industry, allowing its users to run several programs at the same time, without compromising on speed. A simple, yet highly effective player.

How to choose a flagship phone

A flagship phone refers to the latest release from a brand. They often carry a heavy price tag, so it is important to make sure you take time to consider your options before diving into a purchase. Our guide will help you select the perfect device, without wasting your hard-earned cash.

The first step to choosing the perfect flagship phone is to select a price range that works for you. You might find yourself spending a lot on the newest releases, but this shouldn’t put you off entirely. The good thing is that, as technology progresses in this field, so does the durability of the materials being used. So, while purchasing a flagship device may seem like an unnecessary expense in the short term, it is often an investment that will serve you for life. Typically, the newer the phone, the better the quality of the camera. If photography is something that you are interested in, then, it may be worth paying a little bit more to make the most out of your phones features. Besides, who can deny the benefits of a device that perfectly captures your favourite family moments. Another key advantage that comes with buying a new release is their enhanced accessibility. New phones tend to have much larger screens than the older models, and with modern features like face recognition and waterproofing, these devices are a breeze to operate. This is especially appealing to those who are not familiar with smartphones, or who have simply never owned an electronic device before. Starting with the best mobile phones is a great way to introduce yourself to the digital world. They give their users all the benefits of contemporary life, with as little complexity as possible. Simply perfect.

The next step to navigating the world of mobile phone popularity is to select an appropriately sized model. In this day and age, there are endless amounts to choose from, so what matters most is ensuring that your decision works for you. Typically, newer releases have larger displays, however, there are some smaller designs on the market if that is what you would prefer. Bigger phones are great for consuming visual media, using zoom, and online shopping. They are also ideal for those who don’t have the best vision, as the screen display itself is quite large. It is also important that you are aware of the difference between the size of the screen and the size of the phone itself. For example, if you see an advertisement for a device with a 7inch screen, this does not necessarily mean that the phone itself shares the same dimensions. The best way to be sure that you are making the right decision is to view a few options in store. This way you can physically handle the phone before buying it, ensuring a fit that works for you.

The third decision which requires consideration is whether you would prefer a mobile that is operated by iOS or Android. This debate is perhaps one of the most enduring of the twenty-first century, with both sides suggesting they have the best mobile phones on the market. But it is really a matter of personal preference. So, let’s take a closer look at these systems and find out which is better for you. Android was originally designed by Google, though it is used by several popular designers. Samsung and Motorola to name a few! One of the main benefits that comes with purchasing an Android device is its accessibility. The basic format is very easy to use and, even if you are not a fan of the way it looks, there are options you can look into to make personalised customizations. This truly is a great option for those of you who feel apprehensive about parting with a large amount of money without first knowing you will be able to make the device work for your specific needs. On the downside, however, Android has been criticised for its inability to issue speedy updates.

The iOS system is exclusive to Apple, so there are less options when it comes to brands in comparison to Android. However, the iOS system is notoriously simple to grasp. It matters not, therefore, whether you are a seasoned smartphone user, or are completely new to the digital scene. You will likely pick up the basics after just a few days. This is an especially appealing advantage to individuals looking to purchase a flagship device. After all, who wants to spend their hard-earned cash on a mobile phone they cannot even operate? The main downside synonymous with the iOS system is its expense. The iPhone range is renowned for being on the pricey side, so it is worth making sure you love what you are thinking about buying before you take the plunge. You must also make sure to select a memory capacity that will serve you in the long run as, unlike with many Android devices, Apple does not provide SD card slots. Though, if you were to run out of space, there are options which can be looked into to add more.

The last and perhaps most pressing aspect to consider when purchasing a flagship phone is its battery life. You want to make sure that your device can accommodate your needs, so it might be worth doing a bit of research to see how well a certain model would cope with the types of consumption that you intend to enjoy. It is also worth noting that, just because a phone has a large battery, this does not mean that it has a large battery life. In other words, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the size of your device means it is more capable than any other. The only way to really get a comprehensive indication of the length of time in which your phone will survive without being charged is to ask the manufacturer themselves. For example, by using an online chat service. If this is not attainable, simply visit a store. They may be able to help!

We hope this guide has helped you to find the perfect flagship device, and we wish you the best of luck in your buying adventures!

The Ten Best Smartphones 2021

In today’s digital landscape, there are thousands of options to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect device. Here are the 10 best smartphones on the market in 2021.

1. iPhone 11  

The iPhone 11 comes equipped with a dual camera system, offering world-class resolution for both landscape and portrait photography. While this model may not be as fresh as the iPhone 12, its impeccable battery life and A13 Bionic Processor makes it one of the most popular devices on the market. Given its affordable price point, this is definitely an option worth considering on your hunt for the best mobile phone.

2. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 

The rewards are endless with this device. Delivering 5G connectivity, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE guarantees superb browsing speed, without compromising on style. Owing to its glass back-frame, this mobile is perhaps one of the most appealing on the market. Despite having a slightly slower charging speed than its predecessor, this model boasts an extremely impressive price point. A compromise worth taking to save your hard-earned cash.  

3. Google Pixel 4a 

The Google Pixel 4A offers everything you need from a smart phone at a remarkably low price. With a stunning 5.8inch OLED screen, a powerful Snapdragon 730G chipset, and a 12MP camera, it is no surprise that this is one of the most popular phones in the UK.  

4. Samsung Galaxy S21 

The Samsung Galaxy S21 has been, and remains, one of the best mobile phones on the market. Designed with accessibility in mind, the functionalities of this model can be picked up in just a few days. So, whether you are a seasoned smartphone user, or completely new to the scene, this phone is a great option to consider. With an impeccable battery life, you simply cannot deny the benefits of this technological phenomena.  

5.  iPhone 12 

The iPhone 12 delivers all the familiarities of the Apple brand, and it takes prime position as one of the most popular phones in the UK. Offering a 6.1inch OLED display, and with up to 256GB of built-in data to play around with, this is a great device for anyone looking to store their most precious memories in a secure environment.

6.  Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra  

The Android iOS debate is perhaps one of the most notorious of our generation, and this list certainly shows their respective impacts when it comes to mobile phone popularity.  Coming in at 6th place is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. With 5x optical zoom, this device offers one of the best cameras on the market. Certainly one for the keen photographers in our audience.  

7.  iPhone 12 Pro 

 Like the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro is a snatch for those of you looking to purchase a device with great accessibility and storage capabilities. Of added benefit with this model, however, is its exceptional camera. Boasting novel sensor technology, designed to enhance light absorption, this new phone creates stunning images, all in the click of a button. Helping you to catch those precious moments with the people who mean the most.  

8. OnePlus 9 Pro 

The OnePlus 9 Pro is a fast-emerging competitor on the mobile phone popularity scale. Though not belonging to one of the larger brands on the market, this is certainly one to look out for. Capable of reaching full battery in just half an hour, this model allows you to carry on doing the things you love, without having to wait around. Without a doubt, one of the best mobile phones there is! 

9. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra  

Allowing you to simultaneously record with the front and back camera, it is no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of the most popular phones in the UK. Like most models offered by this brand, the S21 Ultra is extremely accessible, so you can be sure to avoid any unnecessary complications when it comes to navigating this device. Simple to use and rich with world-class design features, who can deny the benefits?

10.  iPhone 12 Pro Max 

The iPhone 12 Pro Max stands out as one of the best phones available on the market, boasting a near perfect array of design features. Especially appealing to those who prefer bigger screens, this model offers an immersive 6.7-inch OLED display, designed to promote ease of use. The real selling point here, however, lies with the phone's battery. Capable of enduring almost 11 hours of use without being charged, this is without a doubt the most effective of the iPhone range.



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