How To Save your Payment Details

Online payments can be such a nuisance when you're forced to find your wallet, pull out your credit card, and gawkily type out those 16 digits into the submission. Here at To The Moon, we're all about convenience. Here's how you can save your payment details in the app so you can save time for your

Step 1. Launch the TTM Mobile app

If you haven't already, be sure to download our app! Once downloaded, launch the app to view the home page.

Step 2. Tap the three vertical dots in the bottom right-hand corner

Once launched, you'll reach the home page and see a quick snapshot of your mobile bundle. Scan your eyes to the bottom right-hand corner where you will see three vertical dots. Tap to view your "Settings" page.

Step 3. Tap "ADD CARD"

Your Settings page offers options to update your PIN, cards, notifications, and more. Tap the second button, "ADD CARD" to update your payment options.

Step 4. Follow the instructions & enter payment details

You will see the details of your current bundle and the next payment date. Tap "NEXT" to proceed with payment details, and submit.

No more manual top-up! Your mobile account will automatically top-up with your initial bundle unless otherwise altered. Woohoo!


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