The Ten Best Smartphones 2021

In today’s digital landscape, there are thousands of options to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect device. Here are the 10 best smartphones on the market in 2021.

  1. iPhone 11  

The iPhone 11 comes equipped with a dual-camera system, offering a world-class resolution for both landscape and portrait photography. While this model may not be as fresh as the iPhone 12, its impeccable battery life and A13 Bionic processor make it one of the most popular devices on the market. Given its affordable price point, this is definitely an option worth considering on your hunt for the best mobile phone.

2. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 

The rewards are endless with this device. Delivering 5G connectivity, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE guarantees superb browsing speed, without compromising on style. Owing to its glass back-frame, this mobile is perhaps one of the most appealing on the market. Despite having a slightly slower charging speed than its predecessor, this model boasts an extremely impressive price point. A compromise worth taking to save your hard-earned cash.  

3. Google Pixel 4a 

The Google Pixel 4A offers everything you need from a smartphone at a remarkably low price. With a stunning 5.8inch OLED screen, a powerful Snapdragon 730G chipset, and a 12MP camera, it is no surprise that this is one of the most popular phones in the UK.  

4. Samsung Galaxy S21 

The Samsung Galaxy S21 has been, and remains, one of the best mobile phones on the market. Designed with accessibility in mind, the functionalities of this model can be picked up in just a few days. So, whether you are a seasoned smartphone user, or completely new to the scene, this phone is a great option to consider. With impeccable battery life, you simply cannot deny the benefits of this technological phenomenon.  

5. iPhone 12 

The iPhone 12 delivers all the familiarities of the Apple brand, and it takes a prime position as one of the most popular phones in the UK. Offering a 6.1inch OLED display, and with up to 256GB of built-in data to play around with, this is a great device for anyone looking to store their most precious memories in a secure environment.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra  

The Android iOS debate is perhaps one of the most notorious of our generation, and this list certainly shows their respective impacts when it comes to mobile phone popularity. Coming in 6th place is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. With 5x optical zoom, this device offers one of the best cameras on the market. Certainly one for the keen photographers in our audience.  

7. iPhone 12 Pro 

 Like the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro is a snatch for those of you looking to purchase a device with great accessibility and storage capabilities. Of added benefit with this model, however, is its exceptional camera. Boasting novel sensor technology, designed to enhance light absorption, this new phone creates stunning images, all at the click of a button. Helping you to catch those precious moments with the people who mean the most.  

8. OnePlus 9 Pro 

The OnePlus 9 Pro is a fast-emerging competitor on the mobile phone popularity scale. Though not belonging to one of the larger brands on the market, this is certainly one to look out for. Capable of reaching full battery in just half an hour, this model allows you to carry on doing the things you love, without having to wait around. Without a doubt, one of the best mobile phones there is! 

9. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra  

Allowing you to simultaneously record with the front and back camera, it is no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of the most popular phones in the UK. Like most models offered by this brand, the S21 Ultra is extremely accessible, so you can be sure to avoid any unnecessary complications when it comes to navigating this device. Simple to use and rich with world-class design features, who can deny the benefits?

10. iPhone 12 Pro Max 

The iPhone 12 Pro Max stands out as one of the best phones available on the market, boasting a near-perfect array of design features. Especially appealing to those who prefer bigger screens, this model offers an immersive 6.7-inch OLED display, designed to promote ease of use. The real selling point here, however, lies with the phone's battery. Capable of enduring almost 11 hours of use without being charged, this is without a doubt the most effective of the iPhone range.


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