Top UK mobile operators: how to choose the fastest, the cheapest, and the most reliable one?

In this article, you’ll find information about the competitive advantages of top UK mobile carriers. It will help you to make an informed choice and select the brand that best meets your individual needs.

When choosing a mobile carrier in the UK, you'll be spoilt for choice. With the advent of 5G, some customers might want to switch to a new operator. Carriers realize the importance of this historical moment very well and try to attract users with unique competitive benefits. In this article, you'll find the essential advantages of the best UK mobile operators. Hopefully, this data will help you to make an informed decision.


Today, it is the leader of UK mobile communications. It covers over 99% of the country's population and over 90% of its territory. In 2019, EE became the first national operator to start the 5G rollout. Now, it accounts for approximately 40% of the UK 5G network. EE customers get access to lucrative Swappable Benefits, including BT Sport and Apple Music access.


The second-largest network in the country also covers nearly 100% of the population. It has 5G in around 60 locations. Clients appreciate the flexibility of its plans that facilitate upgrading and reduce the costs of mobile communications.

In addition to the conventional services of a mobile carrier, O2 clients can enjoy the following benefits.

  • O2 Guru assistance
  • Free access to 15,000 Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Priority access to O2-sponsored events and venues
  • Discounts on diverse products

When choosing a data plan, you'll be impressed by the selection of options.


This operator has the second-most 5G connections in the country— more than Vodafone and O2. Besides, it states that its 5G speeds are the fastest on a national scale. Its PAYG rates are among the most cost-efficient in the UK.

Thanks to Go Binge, you can use media streaming services, such as Apple Music or Netflix, without spending your data allowance. The Go Roam option enables you to use call, text, and data allowances in 70+ destinations (and you'll be not limited exclusively to the European region).


It covers 99% of the population with a 4G LTE signal. In 2019, it became the second UK network to roll out 5G.

You can opt for the conventional PAYG option with monthly rollover or one of the SIM-only options on 30-day or 12-month tariffs. On some contract deals, you can get subscriptions to the following services.

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Now TV
  • Sky Sports Mobile TV
  • Spotify Premium

All the monthly plans feature Vodafone Global Roaming. It enables you to take your data, minutes, and texts across 40+ countries, predominantly within the EU.

BT Mobile

It piggybacks off EE and is famous for its high speeds. Its primary competitive edge is Family SIM packages with discounts for multiple users. Every user within a package relies on their individual data allowance. The carrier has numerous Wi-Fi hotspots in different regions of the country. BT TV, landline and broadband clients can get nice discounts when they start using mobile services of this operator.


This brand belongs to O2 and piggybacks on its infrastructure. Its tariffs are affordable and its SIM-only plans are flexible. You'll be able to switch to a new payment plan every month, or cancel your plan, or renew early to top up your allowance.

iD Mobile

It operates on Three's network. All its sim contracts are 30-day rolling plans and they enable clients to keep unused data for the next month.

PlusNet Mobile

Initially, this brand was focused on broadband. Today, it also operates as an EE-based mobile carrier. If you have been using PlusNet broadband, you might secure special conditions for your mobile deal.


This brand belongs to Vodafone and its target audience is youngsters. It offers its clients unlimited data for social apps. For an extra charge, you can get unlimited streaming of music and video apps. When you want to change your tariff allowance, you'll be allowed to do it at any moment. So far, Voxi 5G is available in 15 locations but it will keep expanding.

To The Moon Mobile

To The Moon Mobile offers around 20 lucrative PAYG bundles and enables new clients to join it without losing their old numbers. Its mobile app is incredibly modern and functional — you can use it to change your plan or check your bundle allowance. When you contact customer support, you can be sure that live people and not bots will answer you promptly.

On the To The Moon Mobile site, you can check roaming expenses for your upcoming foreign trips. Also, you can check the network coverage in any location of the country. If you invite your friends and relatives to join To The Moon Mobile, you will get rewards in terms of the referral program.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a UK mobile carrier, you might want to pay attention not only to the largest brands. Ambitious newcomers are usually more flexible. They might offer you more generous deals and better customization. Even though some brands have not announced their 5G plans yet, they will try to offer it to their clients as quickly as possible. So please conduct some research before signing a contract, compare the prices and enjoy the services of the most promising carrier!


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