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At ToTheMoon, one of our main goals & key ideologies while designing the mobile application is innovation. However, we never want it to come at the cost of user experience.

Our research shows that many telecom customers across the UK are still very used to interacting with their mobile provider through a website. While it gets the job done, we feel it is somewhat out of place in 2021. Checking your data allowance, switching mobile plans, or reaching out to customer support are all so essential to our day-to-day mobile management that they need to be available, literally, at your fingertips. I'll go into a bit more detail on these and how they fit into today’s telecom market trends. 

Switching your plan

Whether it is moving to a different data plan or automating your monthly payments there shouldn’t be any need for a customer to remember complex passwords, dig through the website, or endure lengthy customer support conversations. Understanding that, our team designed the TTM Mobile app to be simple to navigate, with these main features being accessible right from the home screen. Instead of scrolling through pages of bundle offers, our flexible bundle slider lets you choose exactly how much data you want so you don’t end up paying for data you won’t use. What’s more, there’s no commitment. All of our bundles are "Pay As You Go" meaning the following month you can just tap “Switch Bundle” and adjust the amount of data to suit your preference. 

Customer Support

One of our philosophies is that you can automate several things about your product, but customer care is not one of them. We understand that waiting on hold listening to copyright-free bossa nova may not be your preferred way to spend a Sunday afternoon, so we're here to make sure that that won’t happen. While you can reach us via phone, one may find it more convenient to simply tap the “Chat” icon inside our app and send a message directly to our operators. No bots, no answering machines, no automated FAQ responses. We take pride in the fact that our customers can reach us within moments. Our agents are always happy to help, whether regarding a technical issue or just a general inquiry. 

Our team is constantly hard at work trying to improve the mobile app experience. If there’s any feedback, good or bad, please do not hesitate to reach out. Whether it’s here or on social media— we’re always listening.


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