What is RootMetrics?

RootMetrics is an American organization that provides detailed analytics on the performance of several mobile networks. They gather information by conducting tests on mobile phones which have been purchased directly from the shelf. Typically, RootMetrics focus on voice and data communications, though, the veracity of the data they do collect is enhanced by the use of non-bias methods. The firms perform testing across various locations, ensuring random selection at all times, while still maintaining equal weighting. 

The phones are used indoors, outdoors, and while driving to produce comprehensive results. To complement their official testing methodology, RootMetrics gather crowdsourced data, combining the two to create the CoverageMap tool. This allows users to compare the performance of several providers, helping them to secure a deal that guarantees reliable connection. The map details information surrounding network types, download speeds, and call performance. Though originally founded in America, RootMetrics UK offers the same great service to the British audience. As part of this, the company produces reports based on the performance of mobile networks across various geographic locations within the United Kingdom. Each is updated frequently with the newest available data, and they cover regions including Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin, and Coventry. 

RootMetrics provides information on all of the leading operators. So, whether you are with EE, 02, Three, or Vodafone, there will be something available to help you improve your digital performance. A particularly insightful tool offered by the firm is their RootMetrics Speed Test. As the name suggests, this tests the speed of the network and provides data on optimal location, reliability, 5G performance, and much more. Central to their mission is providing accurate results that reflect the importance of technological performance in today’s ever growing digital landscape. Simply perfect for anyone who is looking to boost their technological experiences.



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