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Cookies can be categorized in several ways. One is with regards to their longevity, i.e. for how long they are stored in your browser. According to this classification, cookies can either be:
  • Session cookies: temporary cookies that identify and track users within our websites. These are automatically deleted by your browser when you close your browser or end the session; and
  • Persistent cookies: cookies which enable our websites to ‘remember’ who you are and your preferences within our websites. These cookies are stored in your browser (the specific location depends on the browser and version) for a period of time.
Another way of categorizing cookies is by type of cookie:
  • Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are required for the operation of our website; for example, cookies that allow you to log in to the website or use a shopping basket.
  • Analytical or performance cookies. These cookies enable us to improve the way our website operates and ensure users find what they are looking for on it, by seeing how visitors move around our website. These cookies collect data that is mostly aggregated and anonymous.
  • Personalisation or Functionality cookies. These cookies recognize you when you return to our site, allowing us to personalize content for you and remember your preferences.
  • Targeting or Marketing cookies. These cookies record your online behavior, such as your IP address, your purchases from our website, the website you arrived from and the links you follow. This data allows us to display advertising more relevant to your interests. We may share this information with third party advertising partners (but only on an anonymized basis). This means you may see our adverts on other companies’ websites and other companies’ adverts on our website.
Some of these cookies, known as third party cookies, may be placed on our website by other organizations, with our permission. For example, we may use third parties to provide analytical services about the use of our website or to provide online advertising management services. Similarly, when we link to our pages on third party social media sites it is likely they are using cookies. We don’t control how such third party companies use their cookies and the data about you collected by them: you can check their websites for more privacy information and how to manage the use of these types of cookies.
We don’t collect personal data through our use of cookies.
Information on the cookies we use and why we use them is set out below:
2Cookie Type & Provider (To The Moon Mobile or a third party)Cookie NamePurposeDuration
A. Strictly Necessary Cookies
To The Moon Mobile
  • Web-sid
Unique identifier for the work of states on the site that interact with other open tabs and match requests that come from the same browser within the session.Session
B. Analytical Cookies
To The Moon Mobile
  • ttmm-sid
  • ttmm-cid
Unique session and client identifiers. Identifies the user and the user’s current website session.Up to 31 days
Google Analytics
  • gid
  • ga
  • scid

Registers a unique ID. Collects anonymous data on user behavior on the site for the purpose of subsequent analysis.

For more information, see

5 years
Yandex Metrika
  • ym_uid
  • ym_isad
  • scid
  • ym_visore
  • ym_d
Registers a unique ID. Collects anonymous data on user behavior on the site for the purpose of subsequent analysis3 years
  • hjAbsolute SessionInProgress
  • hjidhjincludeInPageviewSample
Collects anonymous information about user behavior for analysis3 years
C. Functionality Cookies
To The Moon Mobile
  • allowcookies
Stores cookie acceptance and preference settings1 year
D. Targetting Cookies
  • fbr

Collects data for user interest analysis and remarketing

For more information see

Up to 90 days
We may change our Cookie Policy from time to time for example, to be in compliance with current data protection legislation. We will notify you of any significant changes for example, by SMS, email, recorded message or other appropriate means.
You can, at any time, manage the cookies present in this website.
As cookies are stored in the web browser used to access the website, users can also change the settings pertaining to that browser. Below are some of most popular browsers and corresponding links to the vendors’ guidance on disabling cookies:
You have the right at any time to withdraw any consent to use of cookies you have given. Please note that disabling or rejecting the use of cookies on To The Moon Mobile website may result in some pages becoming inaccessible or not functioning properly.
Several websites explain how cookies work, such as and (To The Moon Mobile has no affiliation with these websites).
If you would like to contact us with regard to the use of cookies on our website, please contact Customer Services.
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