How do I keep my existing
number when switching to To
The Moon Mobile?

Keep your

Get your  PAC code
Contact your current mobile provider. As long as the number is still active, they should be able to provide you with a PAC code. Once you’ve received it, it will stay valid for 30 days. If your number is no longer active, your provider may be able to reactivate it for a short time to generate the PAC code.
Activate your new SIM
Download the TTM Mobile app and follow the simple steps to activate your new SIM. You’ll be able to use your TTM number temporarily, until your prefered number is moved over to our network.
Reach our customer service at 1200 or 0203 173 0500, as well as via chat inside the app or on the website to initiate the number transfer process.
Number transfer
within 2 working

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