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SIM order
To order a SIM card please go to https://www.tothemoonmobile.com/Order/Plans, or download our TTM Mobile app, which is available for the Apple (iOS) and the Android platforms. We accept payment from your bank or by Mastercard and Visa and we will only collect the payment on acceptance of your order placed with us. You must pay for the products before we dispatch them and you must use a valid debit or credit card belonging to you, at the address that you gave, when placing the order.
SIM delivery
We deliver our SIM cards by the Royal Mail (Royal Mail terms apply). Please be informed that we can only deliver to a valid UK address and we aim to deliver within the next 2 working days. If you haven't received your order after 5 working days, contact us with your order details and we'll investigate.
SIM activation
In order to activate your new SIM card you need to insert it into the phone, wait when the phone is attached to the radio network (until the signal bar on the phone shows signal strength) and make a call to the self-service freephone number (1213). Then you will receive a welcome SMS with confirmation of activation and your phone number. Please note that it may take a while for a phone to attach to the network for the first time and that this process can only be done while in the UK (you cannot activate the SIM card abroad). Once activated, the SIM card can be used for roaming.
Transfer your old number
Before a number transfer can be done, we'll need your 9 digit porting authorisation code (PAC) consisting of three letters and six numbers. You can get this from your previous provider and then just contact our helpful customer service. Please note that it takes two working days for porting to complete, however if porting day falls on a Friday, there is an additional working day needed to perform the porting.
I've got a new SIM. What should i do?
When you receive a new SIM we recommend to reinstall the TTMM application to activate your new SIM in a proper way.
Plan management
You can easily manage your bundle according to your needs through the TTM Mobile app.
Unlimited Calls & Text
All plans include unlimited calls and texts. Unlimited calls include: standard UK landlines (starting 01, 02 and 03), freephone numbers (starting 080), standard UK mobiles (starting 07) and calls within our Roaming EU countries.
Data allowance
Data allowance in all bundles is for use when in the UK and in the EU. These bundles are for personal use only and are subject to your acceptance of our standard terms and conditions. The terms state that you can’t use our network for commercial purposes.
Auto Renewal
This is how we provide you seamless data connectivity. If there is enough money on your balance when you run out of data the next bundle will be activated automatically and will last for next 30-day period. This option is enabled by default and, you can turn it off through TTM Mobile app.
Top Up your balance
You can top up your balance through the TTM Mobile app
Check your balance
You can check your balance through the TTM Mobile app.
EU roaming is included in all bundles while the EU regulations remain unchanged. This means you can continue to enjoy your phone in the EU allowing you to call / SMS to UK fixed and mobile numbers and use data up to your bundle limit. Roaming outside the EU is charged according to the table below and their cost will be taken from your available cash balance
How much do international calls cost?
You can find all details regarding the international calls on our webpage http://www.tothemoonmobile.com/roaming where you need to select the direction of the call you are interested in.
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