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What network do you use?

To The Moon Mobile runs on the EE network. Please find below the breakdown by Network Frequencies.

1800MHz / Band 3 / 2G & 4G
2100MHz / Band 1 / 3G & 4G
2600MHz / Band 7 / 4G

4G / 99%
3G / 98%
2G / 99%

Where can I check To The Moon’s coverage in my area?
We run on the EE network, which means we cover all the same areas EE does. For further information please check the coverage map via the link.
SIM order

You can order a free TTM SIM with a preloaded bundle if you meet the FREE plan requirements.Alternatively, you can order a paid SIM on our website - please head to the Plans page. We accept debit and credit card payments.

SIM delivery

Your SIM card will be delivered via Royal Mail (Royal Mail Terms & Conditions apply). Please be informed that we can only deliver to a valid UK address and we aim for the SIM to reach you within 2 working days. You can track the delivery of your SIM in the TTM app. If you haven’t received your order after 5 working days, please contact us with your order details, and our team will be sure to investigate.

SIM activation

In order to activate your new TTM SIM you will first need to insert it into your device, and wait for the device to latch on to the network. Once you’ve done that, please use a Wi-Fi connection to download the TTM app from the device’s respective store, and follow the instructions within the app. Please note that it may take a while for your phone to latch on to the network for the first time and that this process can only be done while in the UK (you cannot activate the SIM card abroad).

Here is a short video instruction:

System requirements

For Android devices: Android 6 or above;

For Apple devices: iOS 11 or above.

Bundle duration

The standard duration (bundle period) for TTMM bundles is 30 days.

Any exceptions for promotional offers will be specified on the website, before purchase, or in the relevant offer's terms and conditions document.

Data allowance
Data allowance in all bundles is for use in the UK and the EU. These bundles are for personal use only and are subject to your acceptance of our standard terms and conditions. Please note that the terms state that you are not allowed to use our network for commercial purposes.
Data rollover
When purchasing a new bundle or renewing your current bundle, your previous bundle and any remaining allowances will expire at the time your new bundle commences. If you renew your bundle or order a new bundle before the end of the 30-day Bundle Period, any remaining data allowance will not be rolled-over into the next period.
Unlimited Calls & Text
All plans include unlimited calls and texts. Unlimited calls include: standard UK landlines (starting 01, 02 and 03), free phone numbers (starting 080), standard UK mobile numbers (starting 07) and calls within countries that fall under our EU Roaming offer.
Auto Renewal

This is how we provide you seamless data connectivity. If there’s enough credit on your balance when your bundle expires, the same bundle will be automatically renewed for another 30 days.

To make sure the credit is available, you can set up a recurring payment within the TTM app.

Pay As You Go
In the case that at the end of the 30-day bundle period, your bundle was not renewed, or you haven’t switched to a different bundle, you will be charged at our Pay As You Go (PAYG) rates for all subsequent calls and SMS. Please do note that in this case you will be unable to access data until you purchase a new bundle containing data allowance.

To reach voicemail simply dial 1233 from your TTM Mobile phone number.

What is 5G?

5G is the latest mobile communications technology, now coming into use in the UK. If your phone and your network supports it, you will use 5G to connect to the internet when you’re out and about - just as you use 4G (and older technologies such as 3G) at the moment.

5G aims to make your mobile internet faster and more reliable - up to ten times faster than 4G. And regardless of what anyone says it has nothing to do with COVID-19 :)

Does TTMM support 5G?

Yes we do! The team has been working hard to make this happen, and TTM proudly launched 5G on August 1st, 2022

Does my phone support 5G?

If you are using one of the latest flagship smartphones, most likely that is a YES. If unsure, please check with your phone manufacturer.

Here is an incomplete  list of popular 5G enabled devices:

- Apple iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 13 min

- Apple iPhone 12, 12 min

- Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, S21 FE, S21 5G

- Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, Z Fold3

- Samsung Galaxy A13, A33 5G, A53 5G

- Google Pixel 6a, 6 Pro

- Honor Magic 4 Pro 5G, Lite 5G

- Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro

- Sony Xperia 10 IV

How do I top up?

You can top up your mobile balance through the TTM app or our website.

How do I check my balance?

You can check your balance inside the TTM app.

How do I access my billing history?

In case you need to access your call or billing history, you can find it in the TTM app. (Main menu > USAGE HISTORY). 

Alternatively, you are always welcome to contact our customer support and they will be happy to provide it for you.

How do I keep my number when joining TTMM?

Once you receive and activate your TTMM SIM, please use the in-app functionality for number transfer, or contact our Customer Service team and provide the following information:

  1. The number you wish to keep;

  2. Your PAC (Porting Authorisation Code);

  3. Your current TTMM phone number.

How do I get a PAC?

Send a text with the word PAC to the number 65075.

Alternatively, you can visit and enter your phone number. You will receive a 6-digit authentication code sent to you via text. Enter this authentication code and select PAC.

Note: Your PAC code should consist of nine characters, those being three letters and six numbers (e.g. XYZ123456), and will be valid for 30 days.

How do I keep my number when leaving TTMM?
Submit your PAC code and the TTMM number you wish to keep to your new provider.
Can I transfer my number between TTMM accounts?
Currently we do not support direct transfers of a number from one TTMM SIM to another. However, you can transfer the number out of our network and back onto the required SIM card. Please contact our Customer Service team if you need additional information on this.

You can continue to use your bundle allowance even outside the UK in specified EU countries. This means that you’ll be able to continue enjoying your call, SMS, and data even when travelling across the EU. Please use this link, to see our charges for Roaming outside EU countries.

These charges will be deducted from your mobile balance.

How much do you charge for international calls?
You will find all the details regarding international calls on the Roaming page. If you are wondering about the cost for calls to a specific destination, please type in your preferred destination in the field on that page.
APN settings

The vast majority of handsets configure APN automatically as soon as a SIM card is inserted. However, in the case that you need to configure APN manually, please use the following settings:

  • InternetAPN: everywhere

  • Username: eesecure

  • Password: secure

  • MMSAPN: eezone

  • Username: eesecure

  • Password: secure

  • MMSC: http://mms/MMS

  • proxy:

Lost SIM
Contact our customer service team to ensure the SIM is frozen and for further recovery steps.
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